ERSO klubikontsert: Stereo Is King! EE

An adventurous contemporary music tour by ERSO chamber ensembles and DJ Ivo Naries.

  • Steve Reich “Violin Phase” (violin and electronics). An example of minimalism’s pioneer’s phasing technique, in which the music itself is created not by the instruments but by interactions of temporal variations on an original melody.
  • Jay Schwartz’s „Music for Five Stringed Instruments with Guitar Distortion“ (string quintet + electronics) captures the archaic aspects of sound and implements phenomena of physics such as resonance transfer, magnetism, and infrasonics.
  • Jacob TV’s “Grab It!“ is based on speech samples from life-sentenced prisoners. Their verbal vitality and aggression match the harsh sound of the tenor sax. It is a competing duet for tenor sax and speech grooves in unison.
  • Steve Reich’s “Drumming” Part 1 (4 percussion instruments + electronics) is a “transitional” piece between Reich’s early, more austere compositions and his later works that use less strict forms and structure.