Cool D & DJ Critikal EE

Cool D started making rap music at the tender age of 14 in 1990. His 1995 tape-release O’Culo is considered to mark the beginning of hip-hop culture in Estonia. Cool D has rapped about the fantasies, anger, stupidity and party customs of Estonia, the quintessence of which is his hit “Eestlased” (”Estonians”). This spring saw the release of “Eesti Despacito”, his domestic version of “Despacito”, the tipping point for Latin music around the world.

DJ Critikal is one of the first and best Estonian hip-hop, DnB, dubstep and baile funk DJs.

Both men will also perform at Station Narva as members of the hip-hop supergroup A-Rühm, and Bert will also perform a groundbreaking solo concert under the Bert on Beats moniker.