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Practical Information


The festival pass costing 45 euros grants entry to the music festival on 9 and 10 September at Narva Art Residency, Kreenholm management’s building and the park between them and to the afterparties at Art Club Ro-Ro.

Day tickets costing 25 euros is only valid on the date marked on the ticket.

Festival passes and day tickets are sold at Piletilevi.

Unless sold out, festival passes and day tickets are also available on location.

Entry to Ro-Ro afterparties without a festival pass or day ticket costs 10 euros (on the door).

On Thursday, Friday and Saturday city tours take place around Narva. Tickets for 10–25 euros are sold at Fienta.

Tickets for the Narva-style breakfast at the VitaTiim centre on Sunday, 11 September are on sale at TMW’s webshop for 10 euros.

BAZAR talks and city stage concerts are free for all. To attend the Business Day at OBJEKT, pre-registration is required.


A festival pass or a day ticket must be exchanged for a wristband at the Station Narva info desk at the main entry of the festival area between Joala 18 ja 20.

Info desk opening hours:
08.09 15:00 – 22:00
09.09 12:00 – 01:00
10.09 12:00 – 01:00


Most of the festival locations are within a 15-minute walk from each other. Taxi costs around €3 in Narva city center (cash only) and around €10 to Narva-Jõesuu (14 km). It is also possible to use a ridesharing app Bolt. You can also use the festival’s free shuttle bus.


FRIDAY 09.09
Narva Art Residency → Ro-Ro
23:30 | 00:00 | 00:30 | 01:00

Ro-Ro → Narva-Jõesuu

Narva Art Residency → Narva Venice
15:00 | 15:30

Narva Venice → Narva Art Residency
17:00 | 17:30

Narva Art Residency → Ro-Ro
23:30 | 00:00 | 00:30 | 01:00

Ro-Ro → Narva-Jõesuu


Seti Takso OÜ: +372 55906090
Goldtakso OÜ: +372 55696969
Sõprade Takso OÜ: +372 55555300
Ton Märts OÜ: +372 5500055
Ida Takso OÜ: +372 55909090