Pärt & Film: short documentary Every Sound a Jewel (2018)

Every Sound a Jewel is a 20-minute documentary that sheds light on Arvo Pärt’s life and creative journey. It is a harmonious blend of documentary footage, animation and dramatic re-enactment, based on the materials of Arvo Pärt Centre’s archives.
The film is directed and scripted by Jaan Tootsen and Jaak Kilmi, and commissioned by the Arvo Pärt Centre for its exhibition.
“A short film about the life and explorations of Arvo Pärt – quite a challenge… Only madcaps would attempt to fit all of his life into 20 minutes,” says Jaan Tootsen.
20 minute screenings take place at NART on Friday at 19:50, 20:20, 23:35 and 00:05, on Saturday at 19:20, 19:30, 23:35 and 00:05. Entry with a festival pass or according day ticket.