Onuka UA

Onuka is an audio-visual electro-folk collective, led by two talented musicians — sound producer Eugene Filatov and vocalist, face and soul of the band Nata Zhyzhchenko.

Their name (‘Onuka’ means ‘granddaughter’ in Ukrainian) refers to Nata’s grandfather, the famous craftsman of traditional Ukrainian musical instruments. His most precious gift — handmade sopilka — is the symbol and an important element of many Onuka’s songs.

Onukas sophomore debut album (2014) was followed by LP’s “MOZAÏKA” (2018) and “Kolir” (2021) on which the band embraced their folk influence on a greater level, combining these with slower, syncopated dance rhythms. On some of the tracks, Nata refers to social issues like chaotic high-rise construction and lack of inclusivity for people with disabilities. The band has played with the concept of multi-cultural neo-tribalism, ethnic-futurism, and finding the divinity within nature that stems from humanity’s common roots. In February 2022 Onuka released a joint concept album “Ukrainian Constructivism” with Eugene’s other project The Maneken.