A multidisciplinary music producer, artist, rapper and a beat-maker from Estonia, Tartu. He has produced many releases for Genka’s award-winning label Legendaarne Records and runs his own micro-label called Dieu Huit Records that focuses mainly on producing music videos and merch with high artistic value. DEW8 is also making music videos and music for the UK’s Blah Records and works as hands-on creative video director and post-producer at Ö Stuudio, Tartu.

Genka & DEW8 are the Estonian Best Hip-Hop Album 2021 award-winning duo. Genka is one of the best lyricists of all time and DEW8 is a young producer from Tartu. Together they released the album Oleg that is loaded with dark, obscure and slow underground hip-hop beats with some witty rhymes. The duo will perform at the Station Narva stage alongside the Blah Records crew from the UK, led by Lee Scott.