HUNT is a blend of indie-soul and electro beats with a post-romantic attitude in vocals and visuals. Led by two sociology and musicology researchers Hannaliisa Uusma and Brigitta Davidjants. HUNT is accompanied by VJ Kristin Pärn, who creates visual dimensions.

HUNT means wolf in Estonian, but Hannaliisa and Brigitta well have the “hunting” spark in their eyes, so the ambiguous name could also refer to the chase of research, exploring new soundscapes.

HUNT’s second studio album “Station Luna” was released in May 2021. The album features eight new songs and Leslie Da Bass’s remix of “Siberia”, which was originally released last spring on the cassette “Split” on the US This & That Tapes label. In the rather introspective release, electro and street soul meet cosmic digital and analog sounds and the moods of the past and present. Dancier tendencies are represented by the title track of the album.