GusGus IS

GusGus are one of the most sought-after and longstanding electronic acts from Iceland. World-renowned for their genre-defying style, an eclectic infusion of modern club culture and echoes of the past, they have consistently found increasing relevance within an ever-changing electronic music scene.

The audiovisual collective’s travels have led through many alterations in style and a perpetually fluctuating line-up, consisting of more than 10 members at its quantitative peak. GusGus’ most recent form is that of a classic early 80s synth duo with Biggi Veira and Daníel Ágúst at the helm. For their new album Mobile Home core members collaborated with another founding member Kinski as well as Margrét Rán from fellow Icelandic band Vök who will also perform at Station Narva.

Mobile Home doubles as a window into a futuristic dystopia that has been overtaken by machines. Swirling within this world is a disconnected, aching soul who is on the verge of slipping into complete dementia. Forgotten purpose and goals but continues to be driven by the hedonistic program of material consciousness; sensually self-indulgent and engaged in the pursuit of pleasure alone.