07.08 I 20:30
Narva Muuseum I Põhjaõu

AIGEL (Russian: АИГЕЛ) is a Russian electronic hip-hop duo, consisting of Aigel Gaisina, a poet from Naberezhnye Chelny, and Ilya Baramiya, an electronic musician from Saint Petersburg. Their first album, 1190 (2017) featuring a melodious recitation of lyric verses about prison and the workings of fate, was inspired by the imprisonment of Aigel’s partner Temur Khadyrov. accompanied by minimalist electronic beats. Within months of releasing their groundbreaking video “Tatarin” , the duo regularly sold out concert halls seating a thousand people, and appeared on the Russian late-night talk show ”Vechernyi Urgant”. In November 2020, AIGEL released their fourth album Pyyala. All of the songs on it are in Tatar. Gaysina and Baramiya’s music speaks to vastly different audiences – lovers of dark, complex poetic texts and fans of melodious songs alike. Baramiya has cited Run the Jewels as an influence