Date: 21 September
Beebilõust is one of Estonia’s most acclaimed, as well as most scandalous, poets and rappers. A contradictory success story and undoubtable #1  in the more streetwise niche. His best-known tracks include “Mendid“, “Imperato“, “Isale“, and “Need troonid on mo“.

In 1998, he founded the group HaDeC with Okym Riim. Between 2000–2002 he was incarcerated for assaulting an officer of the law. Post-release, his lifestyle remained unaltered: from 2003–2007, he was jailed for inflicting life-threatening injuries. The problem allegedly stemmed from the victim attacking him with a glass bottle, which Beebilõust grabbed and proceeded to use in self-defence. Whilst in jail, he formed Verba Ab Intra with a cellmate and also graduated high school with praise.

Uncompromisingly authentic in his live shows, Beebilõust mixes the force of gangsta rap and trap with his Oeselian dialect and the power of poetics, a combination adding up to what seems like Estonian hip-hop’s answer to Mayakovsky.

His debut “32 kuupi“ was released in 2011; the song “Mendid“ from the album was named song of the year by Estonian Raadio 2. In 2015, his sophomore release “Valge lipp“ followed and was named Hip Hop Album of the Year at the Estonian Music Awards. In 2016, “Must lipp“ was released, and a follow-up record is out soon.