Sven Grünberg ja Eesti Elektroonilise Muusika Seltsi Ansambel (EMA) EE

The Ensemble of Estonian Electronic Music Society (EMA) performs synth pioneer Sven Grünberg’s iconic pieces.

The Ensemble of Estonian Electronic Music Society) is dedicated to the performance of electronic music and aims to transcend technological limitations and promote sensitive musicianship, making full use of all the incredibly rich sonic possibilities offered by electronic instruments. In 2021, the group gave the first live performance of Sven Grünberg’s legendary electronic studio album Hingus (1981). Their live versions of Grünberg’s OM (1988) followed in 2024, featuring also pieces from Hingus LP and from the legendary sci-fi flick Dead Mountaineer’s Hotel (1979). Since the author has never committed these pieces to writing, the preparations of this ensemble for the performance have developed into “unlocking the Grünberg code”.

Sven Grünberg is a pioneer of electronic music in Estonia. His musical activities began in the early 1970s in the ensembles Mikronid and Ornament, after which he was the leader of the progressive rock group Mess. His interest in oriental cultures reflects the musical thoughts from different cultures and epochs forming a new integral whole, built on the energy of wholeness and beauty.