Vaiko Eplik & Eliit EE

In the course of nearly two decades of his musical career, Vaiko Eplik – a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and living legend of the current generation of Estonian pop music – has played in groups such as Claire’s Birthday, Ruffus, Koer, Mammut, Vaiko Eplik ja Eliit, released over 20 albums, produced music for many other artists and written a couple of thousand songs.
The name of Vaiko Eplik signifies an authoritative symbol of style in the Estonian pop music landscape. Self-conscious, shrewd, sensitive, critical, poetic – his music has already inspired several generations of singers and listeners, having come to embody the distinctive sound pattern of a certain era in Estonian popular music.

Station Narva will see Vaiko performing with his supergroup Eliit, featuring besides himself acclaimed Estonian musicians Sten Sheripov, Kostja Tsõbulevski and Kallervo Karu.