Saint Cheatersburg EE

Coming on like a lovechild of Iggy Pop and Grace Jones, this louche, irreverent and downright dangerous persona emanates like a lighthouse bulb in the headlights of a Lada. The grindhouse sprawl of Saint Cheatersburg transmits poetic calls for love, sex, recognition, awareness, action and freedom. Saint Cheatersburg expresses the punk rage of the 70s in a layer cake of humour, miscegenation, mutation and pagan pride. Whimsical ballads contain a sting in the tail. Smiths-like pop craft, straight up acid ghetto funk, live shows in the New York tradition of performance art meets music in a head on collision.

This spring the band released Songs From the Second Floor, a collection of previously unreleased material, as well as their fifth full-length album Juan Ratón.