Festival Station Narva invites to a tour of the Kudruküla dachas

On Saturday, 7 August, the unique dacha district of Kudruküla, situated between Narva and Narva-Jõesuu, will open their doors to the curious, sharing both summer home joys and fruits of their gardens.

Dachas or vacation homes in gardening cooperatives are a widespread phenomenon in eastern Estonia that is very characteristic to the region. In Kudruküla, nestled between Narva and Narva-Jõesuu, there are approximately 4500 small plots, where the architectural solutions range from tiny huts wrapped in vines to fantastical mini-mansions. 

A dacha adventure in this green oasis, full of dreams and DIY masterpieces, is a celebration of this gardening subculture, which provides a source of nourishment both for the body and the mind. Guests will have the opportunity to see this gardening paradise, where residents of Narva spend their summers  – and some all year – living their best life in clever and creative ways.

“A dacha is a place where you can experiment, build, paint and garden,” says Station Narva’s community manager and Kudruküla dacha owner Valeria Lavrova. “It’s a place, where you can create a microcosm of your own, unlike any other, and walk around the neighbourhood and admire the solutions of your neighbours. A dacha is a mesmerizing experience for a city dweller.  For example, you sure start to appreciate warm tap water there.”

Station Narva’s Kudruküla dacha tours will take place on 7 August at 12:00, 12:30, 13:00 and 13:30.

Up to 20 persons can join each 1,5-2h tour. A festival shuttle provides transport to the dachas and back from Peter’s Square in Narva.

In addition, a fair and children’s progamme will take place at 13.00–15.00 and a dacha stage concert and family day at 15:00–16:00 at the Elektron community bonfire site.

Tickets for the dacha tour to Kudruküla on Saturday, 7 August, are 12 euros for adults, 6 euros for children from 8 to 12, and free for kids under 7. Tickets are on sale at Piletilevi. Registration required. 

Taking place from 5 to 7 August, the Station Narva music programme will be on 6 and 7 August at Narva Museum and Art Club Ro-Ro, headliners including the British d’n’b pioneer Roni Size and the Icelandic electronic music stars GusGus. The festival also includes a Business Day, public talks, tours of the city, an adventure at the dacha district of Kudruküla, a Narva-style breakfast and free city stage concerts. Programme schedule

Station Narva 2021 festival passes are available for 35 euros (45 euros on the festival week) and one day tickets for 25 through Piletilevi.

Station Narva is organised by Shiftworks in cooperation with the Narva team. Partners: Narva Museum, Art Club Ro-Ro, creative incubator OBJEKT, public talks day BAZAR, Narva Art Residency and the Damn.Loud agency. The main partner of the urban art competition is the Narva Museum Art Gallery, supported by the Narva Art Residency (NART) and sponsored by Fortaco Estonia OÜ   

The festival’s media partners are Postimees Group, Põhjarannik/Severnoje Poberežje and Raadio 2.    

The Festival is supported by the City of Narva, the Ministry of Culture, and the Integration Foundation, the Cultural Endowment, the Finnish Institute and the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Station Narva’s international activities, aimed at introducing Estonia as an attractive destination for music and culture related travel, are supported by funding from the European Regional Development Fund.