Holy Motors EE

“One of the best, wooziest, prettiest Americana records I’ve heard in a long time” – Stereogum
“Tulve’s peacefully resigned voice and the guitarists’ infinity-pool-style shimmer court easy comparisons to Mazzy Star and Slowdive” – Pitchfork
“Their open-road anthems are as dreamy and unnerving as a whole generation of rock bands who traded in slow-moving melancholy” – Vice

Holy Motors is a 5-piece outfit from Tallinn, Estonia. They’ll take you on a ride that’ll last till the end of your nights, and it’ll be heavenly. Their latest album, “Horse” (2020), captures a dreamy, melancholy cowboy aura. With music and lyrics that resonate with a deep feeling of isolation, they connect with anyone from the devoted Western-psychedelia fanatics to dreamer cowboys driving through wide-open country roads under the stars.

Previous collaborations include Anton Newcombe of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Craig Dyer (The Underground Youth), Leonard Kaage (Errorr) and Carson Cox of Merchandise.