Kurbade Tüdrukute Klubi (KTK) EE

Johanna Tenso and Merit Maarits, aka Kurbade Tüdrukute Klubi (Club of Sad Girls), are a duo that first started off with public broadcaster Raadio 2’s show in June 2022. Johanna has been an active selector in Tallinn’s party scene for the past eight years, whilst Merit, who has a background in music journalism, has honed her DJ craft more vigorously in the past year.

While their radio show presents mainly guitar-based music from country to shoegaze, then behind the decks the girls tend to look beyond these frames, selecting whatever they feel like – from early punk to golden era disco. Merit and Johanna also run things in Tallinn’s Uus Laine club – the former as a marketer and the latter as a programmer.