Tam i Tut EE

The duet of poet Eduard Bezfarmashinov and musician Anton Kolpakov originated more than 10 years ago in a tiny apartment in the centre of Narva. Having no ambition towards any big-time live activity they originally have just occasional performances in random flats around Narva. In 2009, a demo album was recorded with songs composed on the verses of the famous Estonian poet, writing in Russian, P.I. Filimonova. Demand for Tam i Tut among local promoters led to the fact that in 2014 the guys plugged in their guitars and started to spread their love for Britpop and Mancunian sounds. By now the group has returned to their acoustic roots. Tam i Tut’s mission is to highlight bright poetic lyrics and the ability to write a good old simple song, which aligns them with the St. Petersburg rock traditions.