Levski EE

Having played in various ensembles such as Aides, Eliit, Iris and Gram-Of-Fun, guitarist and composer Kostya Tsõbulevski has designed a musical handwriting with a uniquely flowing fashion and multi-layered message for his Levski project. Levski does not know the barriers of style and language, building music on sound impulses and letting it sound once in Estonian, sometimes in English, and sometimes also in Russian. This ride on the grooves of indie-rock and bass guitar can also encourage you to listen in depth and dance.

Levski’s group includes close friends, musicians and composers, who can often be seen sharing the stage with the best Estonian artists. The first full-length album is currently being recorded, which will hopefully be released this fall. The first single “Desires” has been released on the upcoming album, which is expected to have a bilingual sequel “Kamni / Камни” in the near future.