SUVE is the new studio project of Estonian musicians Jonas Kaarnamets and Kristjan Kallas, in which echoes of the past, from the 70s-80s Soviet Estonian easy listening to Japanese city pop and US yacht rock collide with millennial lo-fi indie, all covered with a thick layer of timeless bittersweet summer nostalgia and escapism. Kicked off at the beginning of this summer, their lead track “Purjus” (“Drunk”) was soon followed by the full album of sweet retro-tinged tunes.

Jonas Kaarnamets has been active on the Estonian music scene for over a decade, both as indie band Frankie Animal’s guitarist/principal songwriter and as a solo artist under the moniker jonas.f.k. Drummer Kristjan Kallas is known as a founding member of beloved bands Ewert and The Two Dragons and Miljardid.