nublu EE

20.09 00:00 – 01:00 Vaba Lava BlackBox

Debuting with a couple of comedy-laden bedroom recordings in 2017 (with featured topics such as FIFA and an anthem to lawn-mowing, an apt description of Estonian summer culture), nublu shortly catapulted to heights that made him the defining act of 2018 in Estonian music. His breakthrough, a collaboration with reket titled Mina ka, set up a dominoesque row of similarly successful singles still in motion. At Estonian Music Awards 2018 he collected both Male Artist of The Year and Song of The Year titles, and the prestigious media enterprise Express Media named him as the Most Influential Person of 2018. With many exciting releases and collabs lined up, nublu is just getting started. Before coming to Narva, the ski-goggle-sporting mumble rap star has fittingly released a new single featuring Gameboy Tetris called Für Oksana, for which the video is understandably shot in various vibrant spots in and around the border town.