20.09 02:00 – 02:30 Art Club Ro-Ro

MOJA is an extreme rock duo from Japan consisting of Masumi (drums) and Haru (bass, vocals), formed in 2007. In that same year, they performed at the CMJ (NYC), and in 2008, they won 3rd place at the Global Battle of the Bands. Masumi’s superhuman drumming reminiscent of Buddhist god Ashra, and Haruʼs combination of growling, heavy basslines and ferocious vocals will blow all the audience’s mind away, and make it difficult to resist the urge to mosh. The compositions are waste-free, compact, and even display a functional beauty which tempts the listeners into repetitive play with its addictiveness. MOJA successfully merge opposing elements such as boldness and elaborateness, thrill and excitement. Earlier this year, right after their phenomenal first live in Estonia at Tallinn Music Week, they dropped their fifth album (“Be Quiet”), which will in all likelihood also be heard in Narva! Come witness a world-class rock spectacle!