Kaschalot EE

21.09 01:15 – 01:45 Art Club Ro-Ro

Kaschalot is an instrumental math/post rock quartet from Tallinn, Estonia. Their music is a perfect blend of melancholic and poppish melodies mixed with heavy guitar riffs and hard-hitting drum patterns, complemented by diversified song structures. Their debut LP Whale Songs was released in October 2018.

The album forms an organic whole, while also offering a thorough overview of the band’s stilistic arsenal: math, prog, and post rock team up with djent to conjure up a siren’s song made out of angular riffs and cheerful melodies. Ranging from tremolo to a bevy of explosive moments and nostalgia, the album constitutes a rollercoaster of emotions befitting of the absurd and playful cover art, wherein a sperm whale (English for ‘kaschalot’) is travelling through the air, floating over vast cities and playing with clouds.