Date: 21 September
It’s quite rare for a band to finally make their masterpiece after 25 years in business, but that’s exactly what has happened to Zahir.
Formed in Tallinn, Estonia, in 1993, and instantly becoming a rarely seen and therefore a must-have experience on the local underground scene, Zahir  spent the best part of this century in obscurity, preparing their new sonic weapons.
With brutal assault of frontman Tamubcho’s guitar meeting more mellow melodies  served by another guitarist Don Raul, both of them supported and sometimes confused by jazzy drum patterns courtesy Margo PJ, Zahir self-admittedly sounded like “three very different bands playing at once“ until the arrival of another experimental lead guitarist (yes, no bass here), Maike Lond to glue all this madness together.
Recorded live in one of  Tallinn’s Old Town historical buildings, the new album “What Noise?“ perfectly captures Zahir’s explosive stage presence and welcomes you to the other side of rock’n’roll.