Date: 21 September
RSAC (short for Red Samara Automobile Club) is one of the most beloved projects of Felix Bondarev – a madcap multi-talent from the middle of nowhere, alternatively known as Kingisepp, a small Russian town named after the founder of the Estonian Communist Party. Currently a Muscovite, Bondarev’s previous residences also include small Estonian town Tapa, where he, along with Estonian artpop gang Badass Yuki members Mart Avi (also in Station Narva’s line-up) and Paul Sild, formed the “swank rock” gang Stones & Holes that lasted for just about the week but whose cult-hits are luckily captured on a super-limited edition cassette-EP.  Felix has collaborated with the American cult act the Brian Jonestown Massacre, ghost-written for Russian stars such as Mumyi Troll and Alisa Vox, and performed on Russia’s gargantuan state television. In prime time.
Bondarev and his innumerable musical endeavours are known and respected by the young generation of Russia’s movers and shakers – for example, one his live shows acted as a catalyst for the founding of Pasosh, current fave anong Moscow’s scenesters. In 2018, Felix’s main project RSAC, the thuggish and censorship-defying posse, celebrates their tenth anniversary.  Their latest album, “Golõje faktõ” (“Naked Facts”), finds their brash arrogance giving way to a considerably more romantic, brighter mood, which has increased the ranks of their fans by an unprecedented margin.