Date: 22 September
Unlike with a lot of conceptronica, Mart Avi’s thoughtful thoughts don’t get in the way of the seduction effect. –  Simon Reynolds (US)

“Avi has the air of one who possesses an ill-gotten genius, a C21st Loki who has just nicked your smartphone.”  Richard Foster, The Quietus (UK)

If someone would invent a direct Thoughts-to-Music interface, then Mart Avi would probably be able to craft a song that would cause a tsunami from Yokohama to Nevada – so intense and inventive are his high-end concepts of 21st century pop. He is the personification of present shock – the sound of information overload, of thousands of underground microchip-coolingrooms filtering the signal of the perfect pop song from the buzzing avant-noise. A true child of post-genre with mental mid-century baritone, Avi hooks up neo-glam aesthetics with unmapped sound territories for an age yet to come, playing around with his persona, real, imagined, on or offline. Some wise men have even said that his music needs to be disseminated as a Google implant.

Mart Avi’s three solo albums have topped annual critics lists in Estonia, and his live shows have been praised in international press from the Quietus to the Drowned in Sound. Having performed at various ”brilliant and bonkers” European events from Moscow’s Bol festival to MENT Ljubljana and Liverpool Sound City, Avi will present his fourth full length solo album at Station Narva. Prepare yourself for the shock of the new!