Date: 22 September
Crafting beauty from chunks of hypnotic noise, Joensuu 1685 took the country by a storm in 2008. With their unique brand of shoegaze-meets-noise, the trio electrified the scene with their debut album, gathering praise from fans and critics alike. Often compared to the likes of The Jesus And Mary Chain and My Bloody Valentine, Joensuu 1685 also found success in Europe, including in Estonia, and became known for their intense energetic live performances. Burning far too bright, their flame was bound to be short-lived: Joensuu 1685 soon disappeared into obscurity, making way for the guitarist-singer Mikko Joensuu’s acclaimed solo career. Bassist Risto Joensuu went on to found the indie group Siinai, which soon became the musical outlet for Joensuu 1685’s drummer Markus Joensuu, as well. But now, after a near decade, it’s time to go back and celebrate their self-titled debut album’s 10th anniversary. Reverb pedals are plugged in and amps are turned all the way up as Joensuu 1685 prepares for a triumphant return to Estonia.

20180520 Joensuu 1685 Handout picture. Photo by Aapo Huhta