Date: 21 September
Jenny Wilson is a Swedish singer-songwriter who first rose to the public eye as part of First Floor Power, founded in 1997. Wilson, who has collaborated with the likes of The Knife and Robyn, eventually went solo, debuting with “Love and Youth“ in 2005, which enabled her to explore her diverse musical influences – such as Missy Elliott, Kate Bush, and Nina Simone – while also carving out a style truly her own. As of today, the gifted songwriter with a knack for the autobiographic has five albums under her belt.

In Narva, one can hear fresh works – Wilson, known for her electro-tinged art pop, released her fifth album “Exorcism“ this spring. The themes of the unflinchingly honest album are influenced by Wilson’s own recent experiences regarding sexual assault and its harrowing aftermath. It’s the rare sort of album which is simultaneously upsetting, moving, and inspiring.