Date: 22 September
Indrek Spungin is an art-folk troubadour whose performances are hectic mixes of fragmental poetic and music acts as well as theatre and behavioral schoolbook mistakes.

In a way, he attempts to create a musical that would relate to a modern person, with means reduced to the very minimum, without any decorations, facial expressions or orchestra. There are no characters, at least in a traditional, physical form. Different characters appear more at the call of the artist’s sudden whim into a room that has been left without hierarchical order in a sense of traditional stage and hall. This contradiction suggestively remains but has to be surrendered to the artist’s will and randomness.

As promised: no decorations. They are replaced by hieroglyphical character(s) (an artist and audience, who are deliberately not separated by any wall), ritual costumes (for audience only if they are up to the task and for the artist only if he is up to the task), 10 metres high mannequins act as King Lear´s beard blowing in the wind, human-sized musical instruments, artifacts of unknown shape and use. What comes next is Everything. With a stroke of luck, a Miracle is born.