Date: 22 September
Gazelle Twin is the project of Brighton-based producer, composer, and artist Elizabeth Bernholz. Her work is concerned with tensions between decaying bodies and healthy minds, between internal worlds and external ones.

The gender-and-genus-bending industrial pop project took off in 2011 with the release of “The Entire City“, and has led to multiple albums, EPs, and singles since. “Mammal“  (2013) and “Unflesh” (2014) saw her turn to a personal yet visceral depiction of puberty, phobia, and gender identity told through a spectrum of choral voices and spoken word. The corresponding tour, which took place from 2013 to 2015, a period which established her place as an innovator in contemporary electronic music. Her alter ego was inspired by experiences of alienation and physical discomfort and reflected a journey into the feral and raw. According to Bernholz, her craft is like ’a shedding of skin’ and “tearing out of your body, down to your skeleton and breaking free. “

She has been inspired as of recent, having released the tribalism-and-fascism-exploring “Kingdom Come”, based on the eponymous book by JG Ballard, the father of dystopian modernism, in late 2017, and gearing up to drop “Pastoral” on September 21. “Pastoral” is “an album that juggles British identities” and a musing on how “there is horror in every idyll”.