Date: 22 September
Beyond the riddle of the name Echo & the Bunnymen lies a catalog full of encounters with mystery, prophecy, romance, and the sublime. Unlike 80s contemporaries U2 or Simple Minds, whose blustery stadium rock seemed ready made for the US market, the Bunnymen were much more ambiguous. Formed in Liverpool in 1978, they have been responsible for some of the most celebrated singles in all music history – including Bring On The Dancing Horses, Ocean Rain, and Killing Moon, “the greatest song of all time” according to to the group’s singer and songwriter Ian McCulloch. The Bunnymen have recorded many classic albums in their long illustrious career, among them the masterpiece Ocean Rain (1984), a sumptuous record whose dark metaphors were given grand scale by a 35-piece string section. The evocative nature of their work has also led to their songs being featured in movies and series such as “Pretty in Pink”, “Donnie Darko”, and “Stranger Things”.
Led by the principal members Ian McCulloch and Will Sergeant, Echo & the Bunnymen are  touring in anticipation of their new album The Stars, the Oceans & the Moon“. The album, to be released in October, includes a couple of new compositions and gives a new twist to classic tracks from Lips Like Sugar“ to The Killing Moon“, having transformed and reinterpreted the pieces into new songs with strings and things attached“ with co-producer Andy Wright.

The group’s  dark, swirling fusion of gloom and theatrical psychedelia is bound to bring out the poetic value of Kreenholm’s rough steampunk milieu, with their lunar timbres instilling it with the kind of cavernous allure found on Ocean Rain“.