Date: 22 September
12EEK Monkey is the joint project of Põhjamaade Hirm and Genka, the first tracks of which were made back in 2006. Prior to the start of 2017, where they finally released their debut, they had only given one full-length live, which took place at the 2016 Estonian Hip Hop Festival. The album “Xibalba Spa“ dropped in February 2017 and its limited special edition was sold out in a matter of hours. The album was hailed in year-end lists by Eesti Ekspress, Rada7, and ERR as one of the best and most important Estonian albums of 2017. Speaking as patron of literature festival Prima Vista, writer and literary scholar Lauri Sommer even called the lyrics of 12EEK Monkey high poetry. Their music is a mass of dark and atmospheric hip-hop mixed with abstract urban shamanism and psychedelic rhythms. Their rare live shows also use special visuals to conjure a mood fitting of the words and rhythms.